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Dart Island

My name is Marc Benson and I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. As long as I can remember, I've always had an interest in photography. Through the years I've owned a number of camera's including a Kodak Duoflex (with the top viewfinder) which was passed down by my grandfather. I don't know what happened to that camera but I wish I still had it along with the photos I took with it. Photography was always a hobby for me (off and on) throughout my life but in the past few years, I've taken a renewed interest.

Most of my formal training was in the "film" era but I have now moved completely to "digital". My training taught me a lot, not only about the technical aspects of photography but also the theory of light.  Light is everything!

Now that I'm nearly retired, my photography interests have changed, concentrating mainly on landscape and wildlife photography. This has not only forced me to get back to the great outdoors but also gave me a greater appreciation for the beauty which surrounds us.

Many of my images have been posted on my Facebook page in the past. It is here that friends and family who enjoyed my work encouraged me to get my own website. As you can see, I have finally taken that step. My main goal with setting up this website was to create a place where you can come to sit back, relax and enjoy the images that I have presented. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did in creating them. If there is something that you think would look good on your home or office wall, greeting card or even a coffee mug, all the images are available for purchase.

It is my goal to continually update this website as I obtain more material so please check back often. Thanks for visiting.


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